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Emotion Driver

Port Size and Wattage
Do you require a power cord or a connecting cord (for connecting driver to driver, up to 10)
Emotion Controller
This is a driver for our selection of EMOTION LED Lights, which offers the user variable colour temperature control from 3000k - 5000k (Warm light to Cool light). You can connect driver-to-driver with up to 10 drivers in a string. You can control via remote or smart phone app. These drivers are made in Italy.
  • 12Vdc
  • Built in Distribution Block: 4 port/6 port
  • 4 Port Available in 15W
  • 6 Port Available in 30W, 60W
  • Optional Remote Control or Smart Phone App Control
  • Available with a power cord or a connecting cord (for driver to driver connections)
  • Chain up to 10 drivers
  • Made in Italy